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Wednesday, 12 December 2018
First show

Hello Folks it's me again .one morning mom startet paking stuff into the car' Ruben' she said 'you are going to your first show today, Show ?  I did not know what she ment ,but I soon found out .afther driving for a long time we arrived at a building and we whent inside ,suddenly I was surrounded by strange looking "whippets" but they all seemd kind of friendly .

After a while mom put on my lease and said' Ruben do your best ,my best ?? what did she mean ?Suddely a man came up to me and he started tuching by back and and legs and he asked my mom how old I was 'you have a very beatyfull puppie ' he said and my mum suddely got a big smile on her face ! then i heard him say 'pleace run up and down 'RUN !? YEAH!!  thats more like it I am a whippet you know!  that's what I do!!! so I pulled as haerd as i could on the lease so i would get a great start, but my mom pulled me back and said 'no no Ruben we are going to take it easy ' EASY??? MOM AM A WHIPPET!!!

Anyway I must have done well because the man choose me RUBEN as the best puppie this is what he said to my mom.

6month ,white with brindle,beautyfull type, noble head ,long neck,very beatyfull lines,very beatyful coat,very good and harmonic movemend  wichts will bee more onder control when older.




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