Wednesday, 12 December 2018
Welkom Estonian girl!

For many years  we where dreaming of purchasing a greyhound but the time was never 'right' and thoughts like 'too big ' 'too difficult' and 'too expensive' always passed our minds,but with certain passions they stay in the back of your mind and just lingers there .So when on August 4th a Greyhound litter with outstanding bloodlines was born in Estonia we could not 'hold back' our wish any longer so we choose a female puppy from this  litter.

Welcome too our home Estet Classic Silken at Canoodles "Uksi". We like too  give many thanks too her breeder Olga Gorbatsjova For letting us have her and making our dream come true

Estet Classic Silken at Canoodles " Uksi" photo 12 weeks