Wednesday, 12 December 2018
Dolsko, Ljubljana

5 Sept the Slovenian sight hound club held their second cacil coursing in Dolsko near Ljubljana  witch was also the 4th  lap of Euro Cup 2010. Knowing from previous trips to this beautiful country with her friendly inhabitans we could not resist to enter 4 of our whippets for this coursing .Sinan ,our Ch champion was also coming along just to visit his birth country :-) .We arrived on Saturday morning and since the coursing was held on Sunday we hade time to a visit to Slovenia's capital Ljubljana with it's old bridges and the Preseren square.Sunday we drove to the coursing grownd only 10minutes away from the B&B we stayed at .Arriving at the coursing we where welcomed by our friends Bostjan and Barbara ,their dog witch is  Sinans full sister ,MC Saga in Blue was entered for the coursing  . Sinan is not licenced yet but we where asked to do the test run with him and that he did super with great passion . It was a wonderful weekend with a very nice atmophere among the coursers and thanks to the enthusiastick crew who did their best to make it all work ,we are allready looking forward to coming back next year!( see  more photo's in" Life of Ruben"

Sava river
Sinan catching the lure (photo B kogovsek)
center Ljubljana
MC Saga in Blue ,in action

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