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Wednesday, 12 December 2018
Unlucky me

Being pampered
Hello Folks !

This time no coursing news ,no show news but a unlucky me story .

Me mom and dad my mother Spits ,Fitjar and little Igra my cousine where walking in the forest ,I was taking the lead as usual when I decided to check if everybody was still with us ,I turned around and saw that mom was way behinde us so I ran as fast as I could  to fetch her, almost there I suddely felt a horrible pain in my upper leg/ chest .I have never felt such pain before so I cried and cried ,mom had seen what had happende and came running to pick me up ,apparently I had  hit a branch and ripped my muscles and skin ,the wound was very deep .As the car was parked far away from the place of the accident mom and dad took turnes to carry me ,NOT that I am fat ,but muscles way more than fat and ..yeah I am a pretty muscled guy you know .We finnaly arriverd to the car and dad drove straith to the vet .at the vet mom layed me on the table and the vet took a look at my wound ,the vet said to mom 'he has to stay the night and I have to stitch him ' Stitch ..what the heck is stitch !? but what she said next worried me more ' he must not cours and run and he can only walk on the leash ' WHAAT !!!Me Ruben NOT COURSE !!! ..walk on A LEASH !! for the rest of my ...!!?? But then mom said ( she sometimes reads my mind )   ,'don't worry Ruben ,you will course again but for now you must rest and recover ' Pff.. what a relief ,the vet stuck a needle in my buttock and I started to get very sleepy . When I woke up I was alone ,for a moment I didn't know where I was but then I felt the pain in my leg and it all came back to me ,I was injured and I was at the vet's . Later that morning mom came to take me home ,I heard the vet talking to her so I "picked up my ears" the vet said 'every thing went okay ,what a sweet boy he is ,he has been ever so good " yeah !she was talking about ME ,Ruben the muscleman ..Ruben The lovely ...Ruben The sweet ..Ruben the ..okay okay ,enough . Back home ,everybody started kissing me ,giving me lots of goodies cuddles and attention,hmmm ..this is not so bad ,laying in the sofa all day beeing pampered ,but honestly ..can't wait to run again cause that is what I do ,that is what I am ,Ruben the RUNNER. 


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