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Wednesday, 22 November 2017
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Our Dogs

The girls with Flosta and Fitjar
3403x hits
3120x hits
Fitjar daydreaming
3021x hits

Fitjar playing with sister
7031x hits
= 1, 3557x hits
almost all the litter going for the lure
3238x hits

Tonje and Sine with Eternity(Spits)
3008x hits
Fjone, owner Fam Bada
2976x hits
How many puppys in the basket?
2974x hits

Eight Canoodles in the basket
3112x hits
Nebel and Fitjar playing in the snowgarden
2993x hits
The world is white
2829x hits

Fitjar's first snow experians
2917x hits
2958x hits
3296x hits